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Teenagers Growing Up With Family And Friends



·        Teenagers develop new ways of thinking about life. Their friends are very important and they think more about what other people do and say. They may change their dress, speech and behaviour while working out who they are. They often criticise everything parents say or believe in.

·        Some teenagers find it difficult to make friends.

·        Shy children can appear to be unfriendly, so their peers keep away. Some children are loners and are happy on their own.

·        Teenagers are often judgemental and frequently won't tolerate those who are different, perhaps quiet or not interested in sports.

·        Help your child understand it doesn't matter if they aren't popular. Some children are happier with adults and will fit in when they're grown up, which is for most of their life.

·        Some families like to keep to themselves, or they may be isolated, so their children may not have the social skills to make friends.




Hobbies are an important part of a teenager’s life. This lens is dedicated to great hobbies for teens to keep them interested and enthusiastic.



·        Collecting

Collecting is a great hobby since it can involve collecting just about anything that appeals to the teen. While stamps and coins may not be exciting enough for today's teens; postcards, bookmarks, even posters or T-shirts can be great ideas for collections. The trick is to let your teens` imagination take over and lead the way. Many teenagers enjoy collecting items that relate to places they have visited, such as mugs from zoos and amusement parks.


·        Writing

Writing stories or poems can be a great hobby for teens. Often teens need a channel for expressing themselves without the fear of judgement. Writing in a diary or secret notebook helps teenagers gain a sense of privacy that is important for their development. Writing also increased the language skills of teens, which will help them better communicate later in life. Creativity has recently been shown to be an important skill for young people to obtain and is also positively affected by writing.





 Music/Playing An Instrument


What kid hasn't me or another dreamed of being a music star? Music is a wonderful influence in the life of a young. It promotes creativity, self-expression, and self-confidence. Although music as a hobby can end up costing quite a bit of money, there are stores that offer used instruments and equipment as well as rentals. Renting an instrument is a good place to start out, before your teen has made up their mind about what instrument they want to play. However, once that decision is made, purchasing a new or second-hand instrument outright is a more economical option.


·        Photography       

In this day and age, photography can mean anything from taking pictures with an old 35mm and self-developing them to taking digital photographs which are then 'touched-up' with Photoshop. I also lump filmmaking along with photography since it's all about getting the right shot and capturing the moments.



Likes & dislikes


Q: What foods do teenagers currently like to eat ?

    A: Most teenagers like junk food. Most kids like chips, and everything bad for them.


  Q:What opinion  have teenagers about their parents ?

 A: Good news for parents. Your teenagers like you! The portrait he paints is one of relative respect and calm. Nine out of 10 teens describe their mothers as having a high level of influence in their lives .